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Construction On-Line Geographical Information System(Air Quality Protection and Noise Control Division)


Recently, geographical information system development grows rapidly. Its powerful management, analyzing and storage ability provide significant help to construction pollution control. Therefore, we have designed a construction pollution control geographical information system. With universality and convenience of web surfing, we hope to build up construction site distribution map and information display functions, in order to reach the following goals:
1. Assist construction audit
The construction sites are a lot and widespread in Taipei City. With the help of this system, the distribution of each registered construction site can be quickly understood, including the information about its administrative region and location. Audit can be performed more easily. Besides, the system categorizes the sites into four levels based on their current emission volume; TSP monthly emission volume (tons/month) 0~0.1, 0.1~0.2, 0.2~0.3 and >0.3, are labeled differently with blue, green, yellow, and orange. This color-labeling allows the administrators to quickly identify the areas’ needs for more vigorous and improved audits.
2. Provides immediate check-ups and dealing when air quality is poor
By using the air quality monitor station that were set up by TDEP and Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. With the help of the air quality monitoring data from Environmental Protection Administration, when Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reaches cautious value (PSI>80) , we can efficiently and quickly identify the construction site distribution that’s within 2km radius of the monitor station, and find out the major pollution source in that region, according to the wind speed, wind direction, basic information of the construction site and particle pollutant emission circumstance. Therefore we can strengthen audit work immediately, to prevent air quality aggravation.
3. Help plan construction pollution control work
With the design and space exhibition functions of the system, we can quickly pinpoint the population, number of construction sites, pollutant emission and reduction volume in each district, to find out pollution sources and estimate the causes for referencing, when we plan construction pollution control work.
4. Provide construction information available to users Connect the system with Internet and make the search function available to users. Let people know the basic information of the construction site in Taipei City, distribution, pollution prevention and relevant control statistical information.

Introduction of the System
The content and function of Construction On-Line Geographical Information System:
1. Display the construction site distribution in Taipei City
2. Search the construction list and location in each district.
Click the district’s button in search, a new window would pop out to show the search result of construction list and label their locations on a map.
3. Display the basic information of each construction site and pollution prevention information
Including Air Pollution Fee Control Number, class of construction, name of construction, address, owner of construction, phone number of the owner, contractor, contractor’s phone number, start date, estimated complete date, TSP current emission volume, TSP original emission volume, TSP reduction volume, TSP reduction rate, demerit in Direction, etc.
4. Show TSP monthly emission level
Use blue, green, yellow and orange colors to represent TSP monthly emission volume (tons/month) in 0~0.1, 0.1~0.2, 0.2~0.3 and >0.3.
5. Display the statistical information in each district
The system homepage shows the construction site distribution in Taipei City, number of registered construction in each district, TSP emission loads, etc. In the search system, click a monitor station, its corresponding construction sites would blink with a red flash. Point your mouse on a construction site at the map right side, the name of construction and control number would be displayed. Click the construction site on the map, a window would pop out to display the basic information of each construction site and pollution prevention information.

2004 New Construction Air Pollution Control Fee Rate Simple trial balance(.pdf file download)