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How do you treat the wastewater of Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant?

We treat the wastewater per its types and characters:
1. Seeping water from garbage pit: After filtering, it is sprayed into incinerator, to be vaporized and oxidized.
2. Inorganic wastewater: Wastewater from all equipment in the plant, water discharging pipe, dust pit and laboratory wastewater are collected to wastewater treatment plant. They are treated by inorganic procedures—chemical coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, chelator resin tower adsorption, etc. After these procedures, the wastewater is neutralized and mixed with organic wastewater for further treatment.
3. Organic wastewater: domestic water of our staffs, scale pit wastewater and garbage truck washing wastewater are collected to wastewater treatment plant. They are treated by organic procedures—equalization, aeration, activated sludge treatment, secondary coagulation, filtration and sterilization and sludge sedimentation. After these procedures, the wastewater can be recycled to make slake lime mud, to cool combustion smoke, to wash garbage trucks, and to stabilize fly ash, etc. No wastewater needs to be discarded outside (zero-wastewater-emission). Our inspection lab also periodically checks water quality to ensure the result of wastewater treatment fulfilling standards.
4. Sludge produced from wastewater treatment would be dewatered and become sludge cakes. They would be mixed with the garbage in garbage pit to be burned, or sent to Sanitary Landfill Site and buried.

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  • Source: Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government