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Taipei City Air Quality Improvement Plan Integration and Result Evaluation Plan(Air Quality Protection and Noise Control Division)

Following the awakening of environmental protection knowledge, citizens’ requirement to their living environment quality is rising. Air quality is the most obvious and the most direct factor that is affecting citizens’ daily life. However, in a crowded city, continuously renovated infrastructure, massive urban activities along with multitudinous developments have made the air quality maintenance become an urgent focus in Taipei City.
To actively and effectively use Air Pollution Fee to improve air quality in Taipei, and to obtain good grade in the evaluation activity of Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, TDEP has proposed “Taipei City Air Quality Improvement Plan Integration and Result Evaluation Plan”. With help from professional technical counselors, TDEP executed the relevant plans, used limited resource to reach maximum effect, and promoted the corporation with other cities and environmental protection education. According to the evaluation items in “Air Quality Maintenance or Improvement Works Evaluation Points”, we collect the execution results of each control plans.
In conclusion, the purpose of the plan is to understand the long-term variation trend of air quality in Taipei City and to integrate all the air quality improvement plans, in order to reveal the effort we put on air quality improvement.

1. Study the character variation of air quality and air pollutant emission; review and adjust the air pollution control strategy.
2. Integrate all the execution results of air quality control plans
3. Help executing “Taipei City Air Pollution Prevention Fund” and the administration of air pollution control.
4. Help the evaluation integration of Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan

Air Pollution Control Plan Execution Result Integration
General air pollution control plan
Inspection of focus plan sites

Relevant Websites:
MYEgov http://www.taiwan.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=1
Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan http://www.epa.gov.tw/en/index.aspx
Central Weather Bureau http://www.cwb.gov.tw/eng/index.htm
Google http://www.google.com.tw/ (Chinese)
International Air Quality

USA https://www.epa.gov/learn-issues/learn-about-air

France, Paris http://www.airparif.asso.fr/indices/resultats-jour-citeair#jour

Japan, Tokyo http://www.kankyo.metro.tokyo.jp/kouhou/english/index.html
China, HongKong http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/cindex.html (Chinese)
Thailand, Bangkok http://www.pcd.go.th/indexEng.cfm

Victoria http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/Air/AQ4Kids/station_map.asp

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  • Source: Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government