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Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center

1.Environmental Monitoring and Analysis 
The Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center established under the auspices of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of Taipei City government. The Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center is responsible for environmental quality monitoring and analysis. The tasks of environmental analysis include air pollutants, drinking water, river water, ground water, wastewater, and solid waste. The others include monitoring air quality and ambient noise in environment and traffic.

Determination of Environmental Pollutants

The analytical work for pollutants in the laboratory

2.Monitoring of Air Quality

Monitoring of Air Quality

            The Air Quality Monitoring Station              Air Quality Monitoring Instruments

3.The Air Quality Monitoring Network 
Nowadays the DEP has constructed eight air quality monitoring stations, including two traffic pattern stations and six ambient pattern stations, in Taipei City. The Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center implements environmental monitoring with these stations and provides the air quality information accessible to the general public. The most up-to-date air quality information can be accessed on the DEP website.

4.Contacts with Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center 
The Technical Laboratory also provides the charge service of drinking water analysis on request of citizens. Please call (02)2823-6160 in detail.

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  • Source: Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government