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Comprehensive Planning DivisionPlanning and management of sustainable development, Comprehensive affairs, Review and supervise environmental impact assessment, environmental education, information systems management and regulatory assessment.
Climate Change Division
Energy saving,carbon reduction and low-carbon urban management, greenhouse gas reduction control, climate change adaptation management and international affairs on environmental protection.
Air Quality and Noise Control Division
Outdoor and indoor air quality management, air pollution control, noise and light damage control, Post-radiation building care, non-ionizing radiation protection and other matters.
Water Quality and Vector Control DivisionWater pollution control, soil and groundwater pollution management, environmental disinfection, vector control, toxic chemicals, environmental agents, drinking water management and other matters.
Environmental Cleaning and Maintenance DivisionEnvironmental clean-up, rainwater sewer and side channel cleaning, collection and removal of waste and recyclables, post-disaster environmental rehabilitation, environmental hygiene management, cleansing squad and parking lot Hinge, Management and other matters.
Waste Treatment DivisionWaste treatment facilities, project planning, construction, operation and management, waste disposal, garbage fee management, general waste disposal fund management, business waste management and other matters.
Resource Recycling DivisionResource-recycle urban planning, waste reduction management, resource recovery management, public toilets and mobile toilet management, special garbage bag management and other matters.
Occupational Safety DivisionOccupational health and safety, training and management of occupational health and safety on employees, vehicle and equipment.
Environmental Investigation and Analysis CenterAir pollution, water pollution, groundwater pollution monitoring, waste, drinking water and other environmental quality analysis, Research & Development center.
Waste Disposal SiteRehabilitation park, feedback facilities management,  waste classification, treatment and recycle.
District Cleaning TeamsGarbage collection, resource recycle and clearance, rainwater sewer and side channel cleaning, environmental maintenance, garbage car management , warranty and maintenance.
Resource Recycling TeamFor resource recycling and other matters.
Public Restrooms Supervision and Maintenance Team
Public toilets and mobile toilets cleaning, inspection and management.
Administrative Services OfficeDocumentary, Stamp and Credit, General Affairs, Cashier, Building and Maintenance, Financial Management
Personnel OfficePersonnel management and evaluation
Accounting OfficeBudgeting, Accounting and Statistics Affairs of DEP in accordance with the laws and codes.
Government Ethics OfficeGovernmental Employee Ethic Control

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