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Department of Environmental Protection


Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (Environmental Investigation and Analysis Center)

I. General conditions

   The data of environmental monitoring and analysis are important references for environmental protection legislation. Accuracy in environmental analysis and monitoring is required for clamping down on violation of environmental regulations. Therefore, specialists in analysis and monitoring insist on reliability of analytical data. The scope of environmental quality analysis in Taipei City includes the quality of air, noise, river water, groundwater, and municipal waste. The current priority of environmental protection authorities is to set up a long-term databank of quality analysis.

II. Important duty and mission

Type of monitoring / analysis




Air quality monitoring

6 automatic stations for monitoring of general air quality
2 automatic stations for monitoring of traffic air quality

hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, suspended particles, ozone, wind direction / speed, temperature, humidity

Continuously monitoring, 24 hours a day

Air quality analysis

15 stations for air pollutants sampling

total suspended particulates, chlorine ions, sulfate, nitrate, lead

Once semimonthly

15 stations for dust-fall sampling


Once every month

Ambient noise monitoring

12 stations for monitoring ambient noise level

ambient noise level

Once every season

11 stations for monitoring traffic noise and 1 automatic station for continuous monitoring

traffic noise level

Once every season

River water quality analysis

16 sampling positions at Dakeng River, Shuangxi, Huangxi, Jingmei River, Xindian River, Keelung River, Danshui River, Guizikeng River, Shuimokeng River and Shanzhuku River,etc.

BOD, COD, DO, Cl-, ABS, NH3-N, heavy metal, E. coli, total phosphor, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, Kjeldahl nitrogen, turbidity,  conductivity, pH, temperature

Once every month

Groundwater quality analysis

3 sampling positions: No. 115, Dadu Road, and the entrance as well as the vicinity near the duty room of Neihu Incineration Plant.

temperature, pH, conductivity, ammonia nitrogen, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, total dissolved solids, total hardness, heavy metal

Once every season

Drinking water quality analysis

Regular inspection of drinking water source and tap water quality in Taipei City

According to inspection regulations of drinking water


Analysis of drinking water quality for payment service

pH, turbidity, color, colon bacillus, bacteria, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen

About 200 cases per month

Industrial wastewater quality analysis

Inspection with co-ordination

According to the type of industry

About 20 cases per month

Municipal waste composition analysis

Neihu, Muzha, and Beitou Incinerator

water, ash, combustibles, ultimate analysis, calorie analysis

Once every season

III. Future prospects
  We aim to provide complete monitoring and analytical data of environmental quality by improving the functions of monitoring network. In addition, we continue upgrading the monitoring systems, to enhance the data effectiveness, and assure the data quality.