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Department of Environmental Protection


About Resource Recyling Division

General Information

We use two recycling channels currently: One is the current three-in-one recycling plan, which means「Garbage classification」,「Recycling resource」,「Garbage collection and transportation」are performed all together by having the recycling truck follow behind the garbage truck to do the recycling job; The other method is recycling operated by private businesses. Based on experience, we are aware that recycling helps us reduce the amount of trash, so we promote aggressively the act of recycling and hope that by establishing a recycling system we can achieve the goal of increased amount of recyclable items.

Important Policy and Services

(1) Enhance Recycling Channels:
To co-operate with the Trash Collection Fee Per Bag Policy, from June 1st of 2000, the recycling truck originally only came twice a week, now it comes three times a week in order to create a more efficient recycling system for the public. On March 15th of 2003, recycling trucks began collecting recycling five days a week, but only accepted certain items on certain days.
(2) Adding Items to the Recyclable List:
Aside from waste paper, old clothes and general items, we have added clean plastic bags, Styrofoam (including industrial packing material) and waste oil (waste lubricants and waste cooking oil) to the list of recyclable items.
(3) Legal Operational Guidelines for Waste Recycling Operators:
After the amount of recyclable items was greatly increased, it is our responsibility to assist private recycling businesses to obtain related approval and to operate according to the established guidelines, not just investigate their environmental sanitary conditions and qualifications.
(4) Educating the 14 Main Industries About Their Responsibilities and Functions:
With regards to supermarkets, convenience store chains, wholesale or retail superstore businesses, cleaning and cosmetic retail chains, convenience stores located in important transportation locations, gas stations, packaged beverage vendors at gas stations, wireless communications equipment retailers and photo equipment retailers, beverage vending machine vendors, fast food restaurant chains, lighting stores and electronics and electrical appliances stores, we randomly dispatch inspectors to inspect the recycling facilities to see if they are following regulations. Also, we have drafted a recycling facility installation notice and send it to the above shops and stores.
(5) Recycling Advocacy:
Besides joining effort of communities and schools in promoting recycling campaigns, designing promotion posters, brochures, and label stickers, which will be uploaded for use at our web page, we also make multilingual flayers and promotion slides in English targeting our expatriate and new immigrant population.

Future Goals
1. Promote the management plan for authorization of recovery facilities to operate by themselves, to reduce the manpower and equipment required. 
2. Continue to enforce the trash classification recycling plan in government offices, schools, apartment building and communities.
3. Co-operating with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Administration, we will promote the Green Plan, which will reduce the number of plastic bags, plastic decorations and plastic wrappings.
4. Follow the regulations of the Environmental Protection Administration to reduce the sources of environmentally unfriendly products, such as disposable utensils and plastic bags.
5. Continue to promote the Renewable Plan for unwanted, large furniture. By recycling and reusing the furniture, we cut down on the costs of processing it and achieve the goal of reusing it at the same time.

        Recyclable Sorting Guide                                                                                  


Type of Recyclable Item


Foldable items (Collected on Monday and Friday.)

Old Clothes

All kinds of clean, old clothing.

Waste Paper

Newspaper, copy paper, magazines, paper bags, re-used paper and other items made from paper.

Plastic Bags

Clean Plastic bags.

Bulky or non-foldable items (Collected on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.)

Clean Styrofoam

Styrofoam dishes, industrial styrofoam (packing material).

General Recyclables

All kinds of bottles, paper container (ex. meal boxes, drink cartons, retort pouch), home appliance (cell phone, hair-drier, table lamp, telephone, fax machine, video equipment, flash drive, vacuum cleaner, tape recorders, bug zapper, electric swatter, video games and lighting with plastic case), computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, tablet PC, external hard drive, waste plastic, waste metal, acrylic, plastic hoses, ABS, toilet seat cover, waste tire, audiotape or videotape without magnetic tape in it.

Others (Collected on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.)

Fluorescent tubes, fluorescent rings, energy saving light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, used batteries, used environmental sanitary agent containers, used CDs, cellular phones, HID lights, LED lights, thermometers, 2 or less wheel suitcases, motorcycle helmets, umbrellas, prize cups and trophies.
(Please bring these items out separately)

Other Large Furniture and Electrical Appliances (Contact the municipal collection teams for pick-up services.)

Smoke exhausters, mattresses, carts, stoves, large water kettles, 3 or more wheel suitcases.

TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners.

Kitchen Waste

Fertilizing Kitchen Waste

Fruit peel and shells, gardening materials, coffee grinds, hard shells, others (Please do not include coconut and durian shells. Please give them to the recycling truck.)

Pig-Feed Kitchen Waste

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, rice, noodles and beans.

Meat, snacks, canned goods, powdered goods, seasonings, others.

PS – Please remember to remove wrapping and do not mix utensils or other items with the scraps.

Sugar cane skin and feathers cannot be placed into either category of scraps, so please put them with the general trash.