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Department of Environmental Protection


About Waste Disposal Site

I. General information

Shanzhuku Sanitary Landfill Site was built to sustain the functioning of Fedekeng landfill site.  Due to the effectiveness of resource recycling initiative, the bottom ash and fly ash has been recycled for reuse purposes. Currently, the site has achieved the goal of “2010 zero waste”.

To comply with the policy of“2010 zero waste and total recycle”, the site would be transformed to serve as the temporary depot for disaster wastes when natural disasters strike. During the normal course of its functioning, it provides tree branch-shredding, bulky waste and spring mattresses disassembling and recycling services with heavy machineries.

Nowadays, the sanitary landfill site welcomes citizens to use Fedekeng restoration park and Shanzhuku swimming pool. In the second half of 2013, after the Shanzhuku Sanitary Landfill restoration project is complete, the landfill will become another green space, coffee shop, observation deck, and visitor center for the citizens.

II. Organization Administration


task outline

engineering section

Perform civil engineering, buried area planning, Weight Station management, implement restoration project after landfill closure

heavy machinery section

Execute the operation of waste disposal, dispatch heavy machinery, heavy machinery maintenance, allocate machinery material, street washing, water supplement, and Shanzhuku wastewater treatment plant operation

restoration park section

Conduct Fedekeng restoration park maintenance and Fedekeng wastewater treatment plant operation

administrative section

Run personnel, safeguard, waste disposal charge, landfill labor safety, and Shanzhuku swimming pool management.

III. Supervision of Environmental Protection
(1) Environmental Monitoring: The professional company authorized by Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government inspects the qualities of air, water, ground water, and noise around the site every month.

(2)Environmental Supervision Committee: The twelve-member committee is composed of individuals with diversified backgrounds  would hold a meeting every two month to go over issues related to environmental protection affair of the landfill site.