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Public Nuisance Petition

Public Nuisance Petition Methods

I. Phone

  1. Hello Taipei Hotline: 1999
  2. EPA Report Hotline: 080-0066666
II. Online Report
  1. EPA Nationwide Report
  2. Smoky Vehicle Report
  3. Abandoned Car and Motorcycle Towing Report System
  4. Noisy Car Report
  5. Hello Taipei Website


To strengthen services for citizens, the Environmental Inspection Division investigate pollution (public nuisance) cases reported by citizens in three shifts round the clock. Investigations and actions are conducted and taken according to the related environmental protection laws and regulations, such as the Air Pollution Control Act, Noise Control Act, Waste Disposal Act, and Water Pollution Control Act.

Reports of offence are reviewed and registered according to the “EID Environmental Protection Offence Report Handling Procedures” and actions are taken according to the “Environmental Protection Offences Ticket Issuance Criteria” and “Criteria of Penalties for Violation of Environmental Protection Regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection of Taipei City Government”.

To timely handle public nuisance petitions, citizens may choose any one of the following four channels:
  1. Report to Hello Taipei hotline at 1999. After receiving a report from the assignment system, the DEP will contact the EID to send staff to the scene for investigation as quickly as possible.
  2. Report to the EPA hotline at 080-0066666. After receiving a report from the voice system, the EPA will refer it to the DEP for investigation by the responsible unit.
  3. Report over the internet EPA Nationwide Report Websites. After receiving a report, the EPA will refer the report to the local environmental protection unit over the internet. The local environmental protection unit will reply the investigation results to the EPA over the internet. An informer may check the investigation results on the website after seven workdays.
  4. Online report to the Hello Taipei website. After receiving a report from the Hello Taipei Website, the city government will refer the case to the responsible unit and reply the investigation results on the website. To ensure timely investigation and clearly capture the status of the pollution source, the petitioner may be requested to visit the scene. Citizens are recommended to file a petition with method 1.