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Security & Privacy Policy

To protect your on-line privacy and use the services provided by our website at ease, we would like to introduce our information safety and privacy protection policy:

1. Collection and Usage of Personal Information
 Our privacy policy is applicable to all users’ information collected on the website and any information provided by users to us. When users enter our website to browse the web pages or search on the website, the server would automatically generate relevant records, including users’ IP location, using time, users’ browser, browsing and clicking record, etc. But the information is only used for network traffic flow data analysis and web behavior investigation, in order to provide better service and upgrade the websites efficiency further. As a reference to improve the website, besides the method above, when you feedback your idea or ask handling relevant questions through environmental complain or environmental forum, we would keep your communication record for user contact. We follow the regulations of the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law to protect users’ privacy right. We promise all the information is closed to the public, unless obviously authorized by the user. However, according to relevant regulations, this policy might not be followed when: under investigation requirement from juridical authorities, to protect public benefit, or to protect the legal rights of our website.

2. Information Security and Protection
We have installed firewall to prevent illegal invasion, destroying or stealing information and to avoid illegal access and usage of users’ information. We also continuously supervise our system to avoid any unauthorized access.

3. Self-protection Measures for your information
Please keep your personal information safe. Don’t give your personal information to any 3rd party to protect your right. We would like to remind you, any personal information you disclosed on the web of your own will might be colleted and used by 3rd party. As a result, you might receive e-mails from strangers.

4. Attention
When you enter and use this website, please follow the member codes of our environmental forum and other regulations about literary property, copyright, Right of Exclusive Use of a Trademark, intellectual property rights on internet, privacy rights, etc.