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When should the owner of a motor vehicle take the regular air pollutant emissions testing? How much money is the penalty for not taking the testing?

Motor vehicles shall undergo the annual regular air pollutant emissions tests after five years into production. According to Air Pollution Control Act, Article 80, for those that do not undergo periodic air pollutant testing pursuant to Article 44 (1), the owners of motor vehicles shall be fined NT$500 to NT$15,000.
Those that fail to undergo periodic testing over 6 months after the date of testing or fail to apply for retesting pursuant to regulations, and those motor vehicles for which the retesting reveals a failure to meet the standards, shall be notified by special municipality, county or city competent authorities to make improvements within a limited time period. Those that fail to complete improvements by the deadline shall be fined NT$3,000 to NT$60,000.
If they still fail to complete improvements within a time period provided again in the notice sent by the special municipality, county or city competent authorities, highway supervisory authorities are required to revoke license plates.