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What is the waste gas treatment equipment in Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant?

Our waste gas treatment equipment is composed of the following sub-systems:
1. Nitrogen oxide removal system: It uses the optional non-catalytic reduction method. It sprays urea solution into a high temperature incinerator to remove nitrogen oxides produced in the combustion process. The spraying amount of urea solution is controlled by the feedback from the NOx concentration at the exit of the smoke exhaust. The NOx emission concentration is automatically controlled and maintained below 150ppm.
2. Semi-dry scrubber: It sprays recycled water, slake lime + active carbon mud to cool down the temperature of exhaust gas, and atomize slake lime + active carbon mud with a high speed rotary atomizer to mix well with exhaust gas. Slake lime can neutralize acidic gases produced in the combustion process. Active carbon can adsorb hazardous substances such as dioxin and heavy metals.
3. Bag filter dust collector: Each incinerator has 1184 filter bags (filtration area 3236m2), to collect reactive ash and dust in exhaust gas, as well as to control the pollutant particle at the exhaust exit below 20mg/Nm3.
4. Re-heating system for exhaust: Heat up air to 200°C, and then inject into the chimney to mix with waste gas. Thus, the temperature of waste gas rises to avoid white smoke forming at the chimney’s exit.