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The history and scope of Muzha Refuse Incineration plant.

Muzha Refuse Incineration plant was established on July 1, 1989, ignited on January, 1994 for functional check, and started operation on March 28, 1995. The address is No.53, Sec. 5, Muzha Rd. The plant is located at the suburb of Taipei, surrounded by hills, with grand scenery. The base is 7.2 hectares, while the net developed area is 3.9 hectares. We plant trees and flowers inside and outside the plant and keep the environment clean, to show a fresh impression, instead of dirty and stinky image of old garbage treatment plants. The plant building is 130m long, 108m wide and 35m high. There are 4 mechanical incinerators, presently treating 850 tons of garbage every day, mostly normal household garbage. We use high class incineration technology, to effectively control secondary pollution and recycling resources, in order to achieve reduction, stabilization, sanitation and resource-recycle for waste treatment, and to save landfill space and solve odor problem.