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Basic Design Specification

Basic Design
Items Specification
Available Capacity Factor 900 t/24h
Available Capacity Factor 0.75
Design Low Heat Valve (Kcal/kg) min:800,avg:1,350,max:1800
Ignition Loss 5% (max)
Weight (Volume) Reduction Ratio 1/5(1/10)
Height of Stack 74m
Refuse Receiving Equipment
Items Specification
Weighing Bridge 40 t/set×2 sets (for refuse)
Dumping Gates 12 sets
Refuse Cranes (by wt.) 10.9 t/unit×2 units
Capacity (by vol.) 6 m³/unit×2 units
Ash Crane (by wt.) 11.6 t/unit×1 unit
Capacity (by vol.) 3.5 m³/unit×1 unit
Refuse Bunker Capacity 9000 m³
Refuse Treatment Equipment
Items Specification
Stoker 3 sets
Capacity 12.5 t/h/set
Temperature of Furnace 850-1,050℃
Draft Equipment 3 sets
Primary Air Blower 40,000 m³/h/set
Secondary Air Blower 10,000 m³/h/set
Induced Draft Fan 147,000 m³/h/set
Waste Heat Boiler 3 sets
Capacity 24 t/h/set
Temperature of Steam 280℃
Pressure of Steam 25 kg/cm²
Flue-gas Treatment Equipment
Items Specification
Selected Non-Catalytic Reaction NOX 136.4 ppm (design value)
Semi-Dry Scrubbers HCl 27.3 ppm (design value)
Activated Carbon Injection PCDD/PCDF 0.1 ng-TEQ/Nm³ (11% O2)(max)
Bag Filter Dust 18.2 mg/Nm³ (max)
Fly Ash Solidification Equipment
Items Specification
Kneading Machine 1.3 t/h/set x 2 sets
Solidified Product Belt Conveyor 2.1 t/h/set x 1 set
Turbine Generator
Items Specification
Steam Turbine 1 set
Type Back pressure Type
Pressure of Steam 23 kg/ cm²
Temperature of Steam 270℃
Capacity 54 t/h
Generator 6000 kw
Output Capacity 6000 kw