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Department of Environmental Protection

Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant, Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government

Incineration Process Flowchart

Incineration Process Flowchart

Our process includes:


Garbage receiving and treatment procedures, including: entrance loadometer, dumping platform, garbage bunker, garbage crane, ash bunker, ash crane, burning chamber, hearth system, etc.


Combustion air procedures, including: primary and secondary air blower, air preheater, air reheater, etc.


Bottom slag procedures, including: each bottom slag conveyor, ash ejector, vibration conveyor, etc.


Fly ash procedures, including: fly ash conveyor, pneumatic conveying system, fly ash storage tank, fly ash stabilizer, etc.


Waste metal procedures, including: magnetic selector, waste metal conveyor, waste metal bunker, waste metal compressor, waste metal crane, etc.


Steam procedures, including: high pressure steam distributor, steam turbine, power generator, steam condenser, etc.


Condensed water procedures, including: condensed water recycling equipment, such as condensed water tank, degassing & water feeding tank, etc.?


Waste gas treatment procedures, including: dioxin preventiom equipment, nitrogen oxide removal equipment, semi-dry scrubber, bag filter dust collector, attraction exhaust fan, etc.


Wastewater procedures, including: inorganic wastewater treatment system, organic wastewater treatment system, sludge production system, etc.