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Fudekeng Environmental Restoration Park Rules PARK RULES


  1. Smoking is prohibited in this park, please do not litter to keep this park clean and do not vandalize park equipment.
  2. Please take turns operating drones in the operating area in case of accident. Drones must be operated with a co-pilot performs safety assistance, including tasks of clearing the area prior to takeoff and informing the pilot of the airspace environment. 
  3. To prevent electromagnetic interference, drone’s frequency to be used should be showed on the billboard before operation. Only one drone is allowed for takeoff at a time in case of accident, please wait your turn. 
  4. Beginners should ask experienced or professional drone pilots for operational guidance for safety concern.
  5. Please beware of and control the sound level originating from the drone, so as not to disturb other park visitors.
  6. The use of aircrafts equipped with a fuel-injected engine and highly dangerous aircrafts and misconduct are not allowed in the park for public safety. If accident occurs, the owner of the drone would be liable to compensation as per Article 99-15 of the Civil Aviation Act.
  7. Operation of drone inside the park should be in compliance of Civil Aviation act, Regulations of Drone and other regulations formulated by Taipei City Government.
  8. Please visit the official webpage of Civil Aeronautics Administration for more information on the city’s No Drone Zone.