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Sizes and Prices of Designated Garbage Bags in Taipei City

Sizes and Prices of Designated Garbage Bags in Taipei City


Thickness of Two Layers (mm)

Width (mm)Length (mm)Garbage Capacity of Each Bag (kg)No. of Bags in Each PackPrice of Each Pack (NTD)
3 Liters 0.050300±3%390±3%0.62021
5 Liters0.050310±3%500±3%1.02036
14 Liters0.050430±3%615±3%2.920100
25 Liters0.060550±3%750±3%5.120180
33 Liters0.060630±3%720±3%6.920237
76 Liters 0.070840±3%900±3%15.910273
120 Liters0.100940±2%1100±2%25.15216

Sizes and Prices of The Taipei City Dual-Use Bags

 Item Thickness of Two Layers(mm) Width(mm) Length (mm) Garbage Capacity of Each Bag(kg) Price of Each Bag (NTD)
 3 Liters 0.050 300±3% 390±3% 0.6 1
 14 Liters 0.050 430±3% 615±3% 2.9 5

◎ Please purchase the Designated Garbage Bags in shops with “Taipei City Government Approved Symbol”, to avoid penalties resulting from buying and misusing counterfeit bags.

◎ When making purchases of garbage bags, please ensure a fake-preventing label is attached on each pack. Three ways to recognize a fake-preventing label:
1. When you touch the engraving pattern and words on the label, you would feel an obvious lumpy texture similar to bill surface.
2. Look at the label from 15∘angle, and make sure hidden “T.P” characters are revealed at the sides.
3. Illuminate the label with special UV light, and the corresponding number of the bag volume would appear on it.

◎ Please use Designated Garbage Bags when you deliver garbage. Don’t over compress the garbage bag, or it may cause tearing or leakage of bags.